Behavior Of Investing

  • We work with you to uncover your Financial DNA®. Using a proprietary resource we help you discover how your unique personality, beliefs and style impact your financial decisions. We then design a plan that aligns with your profile so you can have a high degree of confidence in your financial future.
  • Financial DNA® assures we will find financial behavior consulting strategies to help you achieve high financial life performance.
  • We follow a rigorous structured protocol to learn how to communicate with you so that you are fully involved in your strategies. That’s a precise way to say you’ll find us very easy to work and you’ll always understand how your financial plan is performing.
  • Spouses learn each other’s financial behavior and appreciate their different strengths. They complement and support each other. We understand the family dynamic. We’ve been helping North Shore families manage wealth since 1982. As the process unfolds spouses gain more confidence and clarity in their communication about money and in their financial future.


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