Continuing Education


As a Wealth Manager I am required to take continuing education courses.  Throughout the year I am compliant and attend many courses and seminars through Cetera Advisor Networks.  This year I have been doing some traveling.  These travels have been to education courses above and beyond what is required and have brought me to a higher level of learning.  The knowledge I have received is then passed on to you the client.

The Exemplar 2014 Regional Meeting, which was also supported by Cetera, was a day and a half of meetings to help me increase the value that I’m bringing to my clients, to speak directly with nationally-known economists to help us understand and communicate and make decisions for our clients based upon the current economic climate.

In September, I was in Indianapolis for a day with a training put on by Kingdom Advisors. This was a training talking a lot about how our view of retirement is changing and providing me tools to help my clients to prepare mentally and emotionally to retire to something, as opposed to retiring from something, and again, helping our firm increase its value to our clientele as they approach the next phase - the best phase of their lives.

October travels took me to Salt Lake City for three days working with Lee Brower and Empowered Wealth.  This was a training that was centered around giving my clients the tools to help them pass on to their family, not only their financial assets but their core assets, their experiential assets and their contribution assets, and helping them to strengthen their families so that the financial assets they pass along will be used to their fullest.


Thank you for trusting in me as I pass this wealth of knowledge to you.


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