Financial Planning for the Long Term

What is a Financial Plan?

A clean road map of a family's assets and liabilities over time, a Financial Plan should provide actionable information to the family. With our help, you clearly outline your goals, wishes and dreams that you would like to realize along with a timeline for pursuing them.

Your financial plan should focus your strengths and resources on what you can control while monitoring and adjusting to the things that are outside of your control. The Brian Voss team has the skills and the tools to assist you at every stage of your journey. To us there are no short cuts. The only way to assure your safe passage is broad, deep, detailed planning and ongoing monitoring with special attention on how to avoid dangers and handle the surprises along the way.

How We Deliver Confidence Around the Financial Planning Process

Confidence comes from having a professional review your plans to fine-tune, balance and speak wisdom into them. Together, we develop a plausible plan that provides an acceptable opportunity to pursue your goals. This opportunity should line up with your combined risk tolerance.

How is This Done?

Financial Planning is a partnership between you and us. You bring all the facts and figures, work hard on prioritizing choices (in my experience, everyone has to prioritize their options) and honestly assess where you are as well as where you'd like to be.

We provide the tools to help you assemble and make sense of spending:

  • We use the latest testing methods to gauge your view of risk (Finametrica*)
  • We also use testing to see how nature and nurture have shaped your view of and communication about money (Financial DNA*)
  • We then offer input where assumptions or beliefs may need tweaking

We Also:

  • Provide modeling and strategic ideas to help you see how you can adjust the inputs you control to impact the outcome (Actionable Information)
  • Provide world class money management to help deliver market returns
  • Review the plan periodically to make sure the inputs are accurate so you remain on track to pursue your goals
  • Keep you focused and accountable to actionable information

Financial Planning with Brian Voss

Let Brian Voss Financial Services assist you to formulate a financial plan Contact us today for more information.

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